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Hedge Maintenance & Removal

Hedge maintenance and removal is an important service that we offer at Finger Lakes Tree And Landscape. We have provided this service to our clients for over 15 years and know how to properly keep your hedges natural shape and look their best. Our long experience in the industry has taught us what it takes to work with different hedge plants, such as privet, yew, boxwood, and more. So whether you want your old hedge removed or maintained, we can do it! Another excellent service we offer is hedge trimming and pruning hedges! If you want your hedges to have a new growth or a certain height, then let us know, and that’s what we’ll do.

If the plant has dead or damaged branches, it will be removed from the ground. We can either pull out dead limbs all at once or take out dead wood pieces as they die off. We remove small branches or large branches one piece at a time until there are no more left to remove. In some cases, some stumps may remain depending on how much root system was left in the dirt when it died or how deep the roots were. If this happens, those will be called out, so you won’t have anything to worry about!

Why Do You Need To Maintain Hedges?

There are several reasons you would need your hedges maintained, but one of the most obvious is that they aren’t looking as lovely as they should. There’s no point in having hedges if they’re not going to be taken care of and put some effort into making them look their best! Another reason that might encourage you to get hedge trimming maintained is that it will reduce the risk of disease spreading among any plants. This prevents a lot more damage from occurring throughout your garden, driveway, yard, etc.

Getting Them Trimmed Or Removed Is A Good Idea When They Are Overgrown

If your hedges have been outgrowing their boundaries for a while now, then there seems to be a problem with either how they were planted, improper pruning methods or with their initial growth. If you let this go for too long, your hedges will be popping up everywhere and popping out of places they shouldn’t. That’s why it is highly encouraged to maintain these hedges as soon as possible so that the issue doesn’t worsen and spread across the rest of the garden/landscape/etc.

As mentioned before, we can also cut your hedges down if needed! This is an excellent service that we provide because plenty of people don’t want their hedges completely gone but just want them shorter; we can help with that as well. Some people might not like how tall certain hedges are and would like to make them more appealing to look at by cutting them down to a certain height.

When Does The Planting Season Begin?

The best time for planting and flowering hedges is in late fall or early spring when the ground has thawed out and isn’t too cold (during the late winter) or hot (during the summer). We recommend that you do not plant during the temperature changes because it causes too much stress on plants/plants that are still getting established within their new surroundings. Also, note that there are spring flowering shrubs during this time of year, so it might be best to avoid planting close enough to occur around those plants.

What Happens If You Let Them Get Overgrown And Unkempt?

If you let your hedges get overgrown, they will become shaggy, messy looking, and will lose the neat appearance that you were probably going for in the first place. This also can cause problems with other plants growing near them since they are known to spread across landscapes throughout the area where you live.

When You Should Have Them Removed

Whenever it comes time to remove hedges or trim bushes from your property, you should definitely hire a professional like Finger Lakes Tree and Landscape because we know exactly how hedge trimming should be to be done and the correct tools for this to be successful . We have all of the necessary tools and materials at our disposal to get this job done quickly and efficiently, so there is no need for anyone else to try.

Hedge Trimming Tips For The Homeowner’s Safety

When hedge trimming, the homeowner should wear protective items because they are very sharp and can potentially harm the person if precautions aren’t taken beforehand. We recommend wearing protective eye gear, long sleeves, pants, sturdy shoes/boots, and thick gloves that protect your hands from being cut open on accident.

Also, consider that some branches may be heavy or need to be moved around to get all of them done correctly, so it is good practice to have another person there helping out with this part. This way, nothing gets dropped on you while you’re doing your work!

If hedge trimming are not maintained in a timely fashion (e.g., weekly), this could lead to damage by opening up access points for pests and disease.

The best time to do hedge maintenance and removal is spring (early) and fall (late). Having this done in the spring allows plants to grow back during their optimal season, allowing them to look more lush & green than during the summer, where they are put on a stressful period due to heat, drought, etc. Not having hedge maintenance done between these two seasons can result in dead or dying hedges.

Poorly maintained hedges usually consist of overgrown shrubs/bushes with long branches that stick out everywhere, making it hard to tell what’s going on within the plant itself. This may lead to homeowners not knowing whether or not pests are actually present! Sometimes them might be better if you have at least a little bit of knowledge about what pest and/or disease infestation looks like.

There is usually no specific time for hedge maintenance and removal to be done, but the best time would be early morning (before it gets too hot out) or late evening (after the sun has gone down). If this job was done during these two times instead of midday, you wouldn’t have to worry about pests or diseases that might leave things until later on in the day.

Don’t forget that any plant should be watered thoroughly after having it trimmed/cut back! Make sure you don’t skip this part because it will help prevent them from drying out and not having enough water, which could lead to other problems down the road.

This is a crucial step that everyone needs to remember because it can be life-threatening if you do not regularly perform this task.

What Can You Expect From Us?

You will receive a complete and thorough trimming services of your hedges when you hire us for this job. We will not leave anything out or skip any steps that need to be done for the job to come out looking as good as it possibly can. We never want our customers to feel like they weren’t satisfied with how we worked on their yard/landscape because we take pride in what we do and only want the best results possible!

We have a professional team that knows exactly what needs to be done when it comes time for trim hedges, maintenance and proper pruning. We will first assess the entire area to see where each plant is located and plan accordingly. Then, once the overall plan is made, they will get to work right away and tackle each plant one by one for them all to be done simultaneously.